Comparison between *Education* & *Meditation*.

Wonderful comparison between *Education*  & *Meditation*.
My education transformed me superficially, made me civilized,
My meditation transformed me deeply, made me realized.
My education gave me gold medals,
My meditation gave me golden moments.
My education gave me job eligibility,
My meditation gave me life flexibility.
My education fostered appreciation,
My meditation fostered introspection.
My education made me a good tax-payer,
My meditation answered my prayers.
My education sharpened my intelligence,
My meditation deepened my awareness.
My education stimulated my passion,
My meditation motivated my compassion.
My education made my job fruitful,
My meditation made my life grateful.
My education provoked competitiveness,
My meditation invoked inclusiveness.
My education inflated my ego,
My meditation allowed me to let go.
My education coloured my mind,
My meditation purified my mind.
My education pushed me outward,
My meditation pulled me inward.
My education made me who I am,
My meditation showed me who am I.
Educate to Meditate!

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